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Best weighted vest

Bought this as I’ve seen a few calisthenics athletes wearing it. It sure does the job well and I can see why! It’s really comfortable and easy to use. 5 stars for me!

excellent product! essential for pushups.

super happy with this and its now a daily use item for me, will be purchasing more as gifts!

Grev Gear Vest

Great Vest! Compact and comfortable. Build and materials are top-notch. Extremely happy with the customer service.

AAA Gear

Top quality stuff here. Well made and super easy to adjust. You will not be disappointed.

Excellent product

I bought the wrist bands looking for wrist support and protection when lifting heavy and KB training. Great product with high quality material.
I completely recommend this for all type of sport/training.

High quality product. Worth every single amout spend on 👍

The quality of this product is way better than some I've tried. The Velcro strap is really good and the most important part is the shoulder ones, very comfortable and we'll padded.
Been using for running, it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all and it does not go losen while running. it just stay right there like how you want it to be.

After many years of weight training, I am bringing some calisthenics moves into my training and these paralettes have been a great starting point for me.
Quality build & comfortable to use makes them a great addition to my home gym.

Exceeded My Expectations

It is very handy for me to workout at home with it as I have absolutely no trouble assembling them! Using them mainly for pushups till my physique gets better before moving on to more challenging stuff! 😊

I love how compact it is! It lets me move around so much easier. Somehow it also makes it harder for training! Maybe I'm just not used to it yet haha but definitely loving this vest!

This is the best that you can get

These rings are a top quality product.

The clips make it effortless to use and the rings feel unbreakable.

If you use rings, I'd add this to your cart.

Instant alignment and easy adjustment

Just clip and go - no more of micro-adjustments to ensure the rings are balanced properly. I just clip to the numbers accordingly and go! This reduces my rest time in between pulls and dips which increases the intensity of the workout :)

Next level pump

I love this weight vest!
Taking my strength training next level
Get that next level pump on
Love it

Grav Weighted vest

Solid construction, great to use

Very good quality

Perfect for any calisthenics exercise, would definitely recommend to anyone starting calisthenics.

Game changer

The straps are easy to configure - just takes seconds! The rings are also super solid and can take a lot of punishment. No regrets buying the gymnastic rings!

Awesome rings

I have been using my old rings for about 2 years ,spending quite a bit of time every training to adjust the alignment of the stripes everytime for different set of exercise. With Grav rings alignment is indeed within seconds ! Which leave me more time for training rather than adjusting for the perfect alignment 😀

Worth every penny.

Many companies focus on their products and sales, but forget delivery and shipping is part of the shopping experience for customer, so I am delighted to receive my order one day after I made my order, I would say me and my new gear started off on the right foot.

Ok, let’s be honest, the rings are pricey, but I can see why and I know where does the money goes to, the Zelkova wooden rings are solid and smooth, the carabiners are constructed to be abused repeatedly, the straps are well made, number-marked with re-enforced stitching for durability. But what I paid for is just not the materials used, it’s the simple, easy and clever way to set up the rings, no “guesstimation” whether both straps are balanced, adjust and re-adjust all over again, there is no need to deal with the dangling running ends from the strap when I need to change the desired length. This product is simple, hook the carabiners to the desired height, and there you go, done in 10 seconds. Now I can spend time to focus on my workout and this is the reason why I choose this instead of the cheaper alternatives widely available.

That being said, as a premium product that comes with a premium price tag (rightfully so) I wish the rings comes with some form of velcro or ties so I can easily roll up the straps and tie them up, and a simple drawstring bag to keep everything in. (The rings is shipped in a card box and that’s it) Not a deal breaker, but at this price point, it should be included and expected, and trust me, people who will pay for this won’t mind to throw in a few more dollars to have a carrier or bag to store the rings, since the whole set weights around 1.7kg.

I am happy with my purchase and if you want to get a set of rings that’s good quality and also takes away all the hassle during set up, have no issue with the price, then look no further, you will be happy that you get them and not go for others.

Such a great review we've seen in a while! We appretiate the thought and time you've put into this. We're working on a better packaging (while maintain the minimalism for sustainability), and a free inner bag to contain the rings!

Whilst I'm still new to Calisthenics, I find the parallettes comfortable and easy to use.
I find the bars to be easy on the hands and on mu shoulders when practicing handstands.

Great quality, they are well made. Only one draw down

Great quality, they are well made. Which is very important to me. The buckles are strong (a little heavy), but strong. The honest drawdown was the shipping process, which was sub par, and very frustrating for an eager recipient. After voicing my frustration they sped up my package for priority. Everything else, amazing and would highly recommend these rings to anyone

Right Gear Right workout

Started the 45kg RB on the right footing first

Amazing product + high quality weight vest!

I’ve tried many weight vests, and this has been the most comfortable for my workouts to date. Not a paid OR bias review of this product. It’s been put through some big workouts and can’t give enough praise to this company for delivering quality gear.

As good as it gets

Literally the only wooden mid/low height parallettes i could find in Australia.
Absolutely perfect. They feel strong and the wood is very smooth and feels great in hand.
Definetely worth it if you want the most comfortable parallettes on the market.

Great quality rings

The rings that Gravgear produced are of good quality. They feel so smooth and well-made. Something that I really like is that there's markings on the straps, which is a huge bonus as it makes setting up the rings real easy. I would recommend this for everyone who likes to work out and most importantly, take their workout to the next level with this pair of awesome rings.

Excellent, quality product!

I have been using the Grav Gear gym rings for about a week. I bought them after misplacing another pair of premium quality gym rings. They arrived promptly, and the Grav Gear staff were very quick, courteous and professional in responding to my email quiery while the product was in delivery. I am impressed with: (1) the ease of use; (2) the overall quality and comfort of the product; (3) the attention to small details (things like how the caribiner is quick and easy to use and doesn't catch on the straps, yet still feels 'solid' yet light).

Thank you!

Paul M, Melbourne, Australia.

Gear is good to go

Tight fighting and doesn’t chafe/rub. Easily adjustable weights. Well made. Good product !

Up your fitness game with premium calisthenics equipment

We have a thumb of rule in Gravgear: We don't release stuff we don't use ourselves.

They must be made of top quality material. They must enable us to work out anywhere with best comfort. They must make the workout better!

From bodyweight exercises to running, from martial arts to sports. Our weighted vest is compatible to make all trainings harder with optimum fit.

Lifetime Warranty

Your training buddy for life is real. All Gravgear product are 100% free from defects. If it's not, we will make sure it is.