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Parallettes Full Set
Shang Xuan Lee
Awesome Gear and Customer Service

The products are excellent and I'm excited to start practicing calisthenics with this. The customer service are also excellent. I forgot to key in my welcome discount code before I made my purchase, and gravgear kindly refunded me the discounted amount when I wrote in to them. I will definitely purchase from gravgear again in the future!

It’s “Legend”

Hi I’ve been looking for perfect gymnastic rings
To be honesty hard to find high quality and well made one so
Compared a lot of athlete brand equipment
Finally I’m staying with “Gravegear”
Thank you a lot about made perfect equipment!

Worth every dollar!!

Built well, weights are made of a fine material and don't seem to be a type that'll degrade over time.
Looking forward to working my way up to the 16kg level in all forms of exercise!!

Great Weight Vest

Very comfortable, non restrictive and fits extremely well, very well constructed vest. Highly recommended product. Quick postage with updates on delivery.

Gravgear wrist straps

Superb quality as per usual from the team, no complaints here. Ordered these wrist wraps after purchasing a weight vest prior and no disappointments at all.

Great Rings

Very good quality rings and easy to install.

Quality Product !

I love the build quality and unique. it helps to improve overall strength.

Awesome product.

Great quality product

Great purchase

Awsome vest.
I'm stoked with my new pro 12kg vest from gravgear.
I primarily use it for hiking and find this vest very comfortable and having interchangeable weights is very handy depending on which walk I'll be doing.
My only issue is my phone does not fit in the waterproof pocket.
I assumed it would be big enough for a standard smart phone but as I did not check the dimensions of the pocket that's on me.

Great product!

Quality material and very durable, aesthetic and comfortable fitness vest!

This is the BOMB!

I was using an old-school style weight vest (lots of velcro, insert weight plates front and back etc). However... I received my new vest and it is perfect straight out of the box. Fast and free shipping (I know, nothing is "free" but still..:-)), 5-star quality manufacture, perfect stitching etc. Comfy as hell first try, did a Murph in it for maiden voyage - not a single scratch on legs during squats, didn't bounce while running but could still take deep breaths, no neck rubbing. I love this thing already and looking forward to trying it for new workouts.

Love these wrist wraps! I bought them for calisthenics and they work perfectly. They are comfortable and provide good stability. Awesome quality. I recommend them

Good quality

Happy with the band. I bought it to do assisted pull ups and it's perfect for that.

Better than the rest.

Bought the 60,45 & 15Kg bundle and we're glad I did. From the get go it was clear these bands are better than the ones I am replacing.
Both my wife and I would definitely buy these again but I doubt that won't be for a good while!

Thanks for taking your time for the awesome review. It means a ton to us, especially as the first review for our resistance band. We hope it will serve you well down the road!

You get what you pay for…. What a fantastic vest

In this case wow what a great vest I purchased. So glad I spent extra. As a women it’s super comfy. I wear mine jogging, only slight movement in chest area no more then usual ladies if you get what I mean. I wore a singlet underneath and no rubbing on the shoulders or neck, very surprised how comfy it is. The padded shoulders are perfect. If anyone is thinking of purchasing one, do it’s great.

Excellent vest and service!

The vest feels very comfortable and the workmanship is excellent. It shipped with one of the 1kg blocks missing, but when I reached out, the support team very promptly sent a replacement block and was very efficient and helpful!

Good product

The vest is very breathable whilst being comfortable. The shoulder straps sit nicely without cutting into the shoulders making it easier to keep the vest on for longer.

Worth the price.

Build quality is superb and feels premium. Easy to adjust height in a matter of seconds. Convenient to keep after using as well. Knowing I’m gonna be using rings for a very long time, it’s better to invest into something much more well-made which is Gravgear products. Overall, awesome purchase.

Quality rings

Hesitated initially on getting it cause it was more expensive than the other brands. But i wasn't disappointed. The quality was obvious from the straps to the rings. Very solid, smooth finish, works great, looks good, and feels safe. The one and only rings you'll probably ever need. No regrets.

Grav Parallettes Prime
Richard Marques
So damn good

I’m a pure beginner to calisthenics and these have been the perfect Christmas present. Beautifully crafted, comfortable to grip and very stable on a range of surfaces from wooden decks to gym matting to the grass. So happy with them.

It is well worth the investment!

Literally the best investment I’ve made, It is the most comfortable thing to wear to exercise in, noticing a significant difference in my strength and posture since wearing it in the first 2 weeks, it sits evenly and comfortably on my shoulders no matter the weight, there is literally no hassle with this vest I just put it on, adjust any weight, strap up and off I go.

Very happy with it.

Customer review

Great quality everything is as pictured and stated, very impressed with fit and style too. Works great for calisthenics and cardio.

Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying your purchase - please let us know if there is anything we can help with.

Do its purpose wonderfully

First time using wriststrap, it provides additional support for ur wrists. Feels alot stronger while using it. Aesthethic is a bonus.

First premium rings

Very satisfied with it. Strong grip, also I like the straps so much. Feels premium and very easy to adjust. Very good customer service

Meet my expectations

Very stable, grip is very good. Tried doing tricep extension with it, the rubber pasted under the parallettes moved abit. So I wont recommend u doing tricep xtension with it. Better use rings for tricep extension. Other than that, everything is good. Good customer service, easy to install. Can do alot of workout such as L-sit, V-sit, HSPU, planche, and also deeper ROM for pushups variations. Satisfied customer :)

Up your fitness game with premium calisthenics equipment

We have a thumb of rule in Gravgear: We don't release stuff we don't use ourselves.

They must be made of top quality material. They must enable us to work out anywhere with best comfort. They must make the workout better!

From bodyweight exercises to running, from martial arts to sports. Our weighted vest is compatible to make all trainings harder with optimum fit.

Lifetime Warranty

Your training buddy for life is real. All Gravgear product are 100% free from defects. If it's not, we will make sure it is.