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This digital book has been an immense help in re-booting my workout routine. I have been doing push ups all my life (sometimes right, mostly wrong). And in the last year I have been adding in chin ups (and a few pull ups here and there). But honestly I never felt confident that I was getting the most out of those exercises. But this book breaks it all down to easy bite sized pieces. From starting warm ups to strength building exercises, this guide details the placement, movement and necessary stress points needed for maximum strength increase. I recommend this book to anybody of any age who desires to achieve maximum efficiency with their calisthenic workouts.

Great for beginners and experts alike

Really helped me improve my technique, learn new excercises and improve my brain-to-muscle connection.


Awsome, describe till the last detail.

Pretty good !!!

All the pictures are made for making us easily understand


I received the digital book and started right away with the training. It’s motivating and really great tips to learn to do stuff correct.

This will continue use this book til I have all the right techniques under control.

I’m so happy with my purchase
Really helpful


Easy to read and very accurate on every page.
With awesome illustrations and relevant workouts sessions at the end of the book,
It’s simply great.

I’ve already gained skills in just two weeks !!

Perfect Guide for Everyone!

I became aware of this great e-book through social media after doing a lot of research about Chalestenics. At first I was skeptical because there was a lot of rubbish advertising on offer, but the Instagram page and the reading sample convinced me to buy it and this was the best idea! I've been training at home for a long time because I don't have time for the gym, I knew a little about the basics but not as described in this e-book, just through the great drawings I discovered a whole new feeling for the sport. 100% recommendation from me

Good book!

It’s incredibly informative and a great foundation for starting calisthenics.

Great Book

It’s a great a book, I like the tips along with the yellow guy showing you how to do certain exercises. Too many people just do whatever seems easy, but this book breaks down the best way to achieve what seems impossible. I do some exercises on my own and I have a PT helping me achieve my goals, so I feel like with this book I can get right to the point and have an effective workout routine. I’ve

Great quality! Really sturdy straps and rings. Perfect for calesthenics!

Great book.

Really great book. Easy and clear teaching of the basic biomechanics for the discipline. Great progression descriptions, a very good overview of how routines should look like, definitely recommended

Great equipment, functional and easy to use

I love the weighted vest, though sometimes hard to tighten (I’m in the bigger range). But once fitted, no bounce, comfortable and good for my runs 👍🏼

Not enough

The book teaches you how to do an OAPU, Pull-up and Pistol squat but it's not about calisthenics skills, you only learn about those so if you want to learn skills, you won't.

My phone never looked so good 😍😍

I love my new wallpaper. Now every time I pick up my phone, I'm also motivated to work on and progress in my calisthenics journey. Sooo good 👌👌

Best beginner friendly book for Calisthenics!

The Yellow Dude is doing a fabulous job, teaching the basics of calisthenics to beginners. I've made a lot of progress without having prior exposure to calisthenics, or a coach physically to help me. The graphics in the book are really helpful as is the way the progression has been mapped out. I'd highly recommend this book if you want to get stronger by skipping the gym and relying on the natural movement of your body. Here, you'll train not just for strength, but also balance and mobility, key aspects that are ignored in the traditional approach to strength training.

High qualify and fine finish! Fast delivery too. :) Satisfied, even with the aftersales I got.

Well build item as described, worth the purchase

Too long for me, i didnt check the specifications so my fault all g. Can i get a refund?

Great Investment!!!

This vest is a great Investment. It’s essential for workout!!

Great Job !

Straightforward explanations and marvelous illustrations. Yellow dude is one of a kind. No BS, fair and square.

Awesome, very ilustrative

it so clean and visual, helps a lot to identify and focus on the right muscles

Never received my book.

Ordered beginning of March and haven’t received my book or any status about delays or delivery issues. I’ve sent an email to your support team, please reply or refund my money. Thank you

Hi there, just to clarify, the book you ordered is a preorder and will be shipped in April, as stated on our website. We've sent you several emails, including the latest update on the book, but we haven't received a response from you yet. Please check your inbox and get back to us so we can assist you further. Thank you!

Detailed graphics

I appreciate the details on the body graphs, this helped me to understand better my self movements

Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words. We're glad to hear that our detailed graphics were helpful in understanding your body movements. We hope our Calisthenics Playbook continues to be a valuable resource for you. Keep up the great work!

Great book for beginners

Gets you started into the fundamentals of calisthenics and works towards basic skills, focuses both in upper and lower body and how to build strength.