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impressive quality gear

Very stable and well made product. I use it pretty much everyday now !

Book review

The book is crazy, it have really benefited me a lot!
But we need more information about how to unlock advanced skills like front lever, planche, handstand etc..
The first edition was 10/10
Looking forward for the second edition

Super actionable and visual

I started doing calisthenics about 11 weeks ago and have worked on some of the foundations. This book has all that I need now to proceed with harder progressions!

Love it

Really nicely written and depicted

Solid product.
I was skeptical that it would be run of the mill construction, but pleasantly surprised.
It’s a GREAT product.

Great book!

Very good illustrations! A picture tells a thousand words, very clear and makes a difference for the workout.

Best Calisthenics Ebook

I've read some ebooks, but this one is realy special. It shows u not only right form but the bad form too so u can learn even more and I love it.


Thank you for creating such an informative playbook with Yellowdude making it plain and simple with clear details and easy to follow instructions and explanations.

Loved it. Very helpful and useful guide for Calisthenics.

Very detailed and really easy and simple to read. Good for beginners getting into calisthenics. I really enjoyed reading the whole thing and can't wait for a version with intermediate and advanced skills. Would also love to get a physical hardcopy of the book.

P.S. Please make more cool wallpapers. I love them.

Very good book on calisthenics basics.
Waiting for a version with some skills

A must have for anybody serious about their fitness

Love the simple and detailed approach with the illustrations and the instructions. Amazing how little information there is out there regarding these classic movements and this book provides great direction for lifetime use.

Perfect Book

I think this book is one of a kind really, simple and easy to read, you can see the effort in it.

Calisthenics Playbook (Digital)
Алексей Мавренков
No more injuries

This book includes nice graphics and comments below, that helps me make my calistenics exercises with correct technique. Glad to have it!

Calisthenics Playbook (Digital)
Naufal Fauzian Ramadhan

Its recommended who want to fix their push up position and etc. its helpful btw. and also eye catching, so i learn and train without bored

Essential knowledge

I'm impressed by all the "little" tips given in this book. The pictures allow you to clearly visualize the entire body and the details that make the difference. Really good basics and way more for conscious development.
I was following the Insta page for a while and considered them to be the most useful, buying their book is my way of thanking them.
Very grateful.

Amazing book!
I recommend it for all beginners /intermediates in calisthenics!
I follow the insta page so I was already expecting the illustration to be beautiful and helpful, and they didn't disappointed me. Although I was surprized by how simple and effective the text is and how it help me so much in correcting my posture and evolve in the exercises.
Thank you so much for the work put in.

Really helping stuff

The book is very nice, the grapichs really help on execution ecc ecc.
I raccomend this to every begginer and low mid level cali guys around really worth it 💪🏻😊

Calisthenics Playbook (Digital)
Silviu-Alexandru Badragan
Nice intro to basics

This is perfect for a distilled summary of where to start calisthenics

Beautiful in it’s simplicity

A really great way to understand the basics and benefits of getting the primary movements right.


Easy to understand and really enjoyed the illustration

Great product for planche training

Stable and durable feeling product! Hope to work towards a planche with this pair of parallettes

Comfortable and stylish vest + great customer service

Great comfortable vest, perfect for runs and workout as it doesn't shift at all and design gives lots kf flexibility for movement. Installation is easy and weights can be switched around very fast. Had it on for a few runs and it felt great, really grows on you!

Had some miscoms initially on the weights for the pro version as they came looking different from the photos, but Wayne quickly clarified that these are upgraded rubber coated zinc alloy. Overall, despite the initial miscom, it became a good experience as the service support was very fast and personal.

Would definitely recommend the vest if you are looking for the next challenge in body weight exercises and running.

Impressive Performance and Sturdy Build

Parallettes have exceeded my expectations. They offer a combination of durability, versatility, and portability that makes them an excellent addition to any home gym setup.

Great quality, very happy with purchase!

Very happy with this pair of gymnastic rings! They're very easy to set up and make height adjustments for different exercises. I have no doubt that these will live up to their lifetime warranty!

Another winner.

This vest is awesome. It's really well made, sits nice and high on my stomach, I'd say just above my bottom rib, so movement isn't restricted at all.