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Grav Gymnastic Rings

Grav Gymnastic Rings

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Reinforce your calisthenics skills like pull-up, dip, rows, handstand, and many more.

No more wasting time adjusting the straps using an eyeball. Just hook the heavy-duty carabiners into the numbered loops and you get the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings.

Double layer straps made with strong nylon webbing, each anchor loop is marked with double stitching lines. Paired with two corrosion-resistance carabiners at each strap. Tested with load-bearing up to 400kg.

Nothing feels better than gripping our smooth Zelkova Sinica wooden rings. It absorbs moisture and gives you a strong grip without using chalk. Durable and does not weaken over time like plastic rings.


- Quick adjustment for the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings
- Double layer strap made with high-intensity nylon
- Reinforced anchor loops on the straps
- Hiking-grade zinc alloy carabiners
- Anti-sweat Zelkova Sinica wooden rings with a smooth sanding finish
- No excess strap that gets in the way


- Material: Zelkova Wood
- Thickness: 3.2cm
- Inner diameter: 17cm
- Outer diameter: 23.5cm

- Width: 3.7cm
- Length: Total at 265cm, maximum usable length at 245cm
- Numbered loops: 22 loops
- Distance between loops: 10cm


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Ultimate strength powerhouse you can bring anywhere.

Double straps for ultra durability

They will last for decades and offer great safety.

No excess straps to get in your way

Farewell to distraction and full focus on every push and pull.

Neat and organized all the time

Easy to keep and store. No more messy straps.

Perfect alignment in seconds

Spend the time working out, not eyeballing for each strap adjustment.

The Only Strength Gear You Need.

If there is only one piece of equipment you can bring with you as an avid calisthenics enthusiast, it would be a pair of gymnastic rings. Gymnastic rings are not only versatile, but they're also very easy to store. In a pinch, gymnastics rings can be used for pullups, dips or push-ups; as suspension training straps; and even as low bars for running drills.

Expose Your Weakness

Gymnastic rings provide an unstable surface, which forces the muscles in your body to work harder than they would on any other surface. This increase in muscle activation can help you build more strong and healthy muscles!

While performing an exercise on gymnastic rings, the largest muscle groups in your body are constantly firing to keep you from collapsing. When these muscles become tired they'll start to shake and tremble while still maintaining a solid form.

Insane Strength and Bigger Muscle

Performing a workout with proper form on gymnastic rings requires a lot of power. They are also impossible to cheat on or fake your way through because they will make it painfully obvious when your form breaks down.

With the full engagement of body and mind, you get to: Recruit more muscle fibres, and rapid build nerve adaption. You get the gymnast build and strength as a result. You'll be getting that body shape and strength like you've been doing nothing else than pumping iron in the gym for months!

Awesome Full Body Compound Exercise

Why train a single muscle group when you can train the full body all at once? Gymnastic rings are a great way to challenge your whole body. From the back, shoulders and core to legs- it's a battle between gravity and an unstable surface that requires extraordinary coordination of all parts in order not to lose the good form.

When you are training with gym rings in the mid-air, your body is forced to engage every part of itself for fear that it will fall. The instability forces a higher level of coordination and agility throughout the entire body.

Easy on the Joints

Standard pull-ups are boring. The bar is stationary and the body stays in one position, which can result in muscle strain or injury due to excess pressure being applied on certain joints.

Compared to a static straight bar, doing a pull-up on rings are a lot more friendly to the joints. It let your arm and wrists rotate in a natural motion.