Your workouts. Maximized.

Comfortable. Versatile. Easy to wear. 

The Grav Weight Vest is designed to level up all the trainings you love to do. 

Calisthenics, lifting, running, HIIT and more. All at an incredible value.

Easy to adjust weight. Even on the go.

Fully removable weight blocks. Adjust weight without taking off the vest. Increment at 1kg. Sit in each individual pockets.

Feel the gravity. Not the weight.

Extra thick padding with dense foam inside. Isolate your body from the weight blocks in a comfy way. Always retains the shape, even after heavy compression for a longer period.

Exceptional durability. Built for the toughest workout.

Tear-resistant and built to be tough with CORDURA fabric. Put together with heavy-duty stitching lines. Take it on a hike, hit the gym, or run the field without worry.

Smaller vest. Bigger motion.

The short design keeps your stomach free — perfect for core workout or mobility conditioning, in a harder mode.

One size fits all.

Whether you're building muscle or losing fat. Men or women. The flexible belt keeps the vest on you, snugly.

Be stronger. Faster. And better.

Get to your fitness goal faster, with more gravity. Whether it is gaining strength and endurance, build muscle, lose fat.

  • Built to last

    Gravgear is durable and holds up longer than other weight vest.

  • Zero defects

    We ensure your gear is perfect from factory, for a lifetime.

  • Easy to use

    Adjust your workout difficulty the way you want it to be. 

  • Always adapt

    Every aspect is to keep adapting to the changes of your body shape. 

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