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Super Bundle

Super Bundle

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  • The ultimate bundle for calisthenics lovers. 
  • Adjustable weight vest with 1kg increment.
  • Wooden gymnastic rings to power up your bodyweight workout.
  • Classic wrist wraps stabilize your wrists for stronger grips.
  • Come with 1 x weight vest, 1 x gymnastic rings, and 1 x wrist wraps.


Grav Gymnastic rings:
- Quick adjustment for the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings
- Double layer strap made with high-intensity nylon
- Reinforced anchor loops on the straps and hiking-grade zinc alloy carabiners

Grav Weight Vest
- Removeable weight ingots
- Extreme durability by CORDURA ® Advanced Fabrics
- One size fits all and unisex

Grav Wrist Wraps
- Instant strength boost by providing great support
- Double-layered cotton finished with reinforced stitching, these wraps stay in the same shape even after the most strenuous training.
- 100% cotton for 100% comfortable. Non-itchy material, easy for bare skin.


Gymnastic rings - Ring
- Material: Zelkova Wood
- Thickness: 3.2cm
- Inner diameter: 17cm
- Outer diameter: 23.5cm

Gymnastic rings - Straps
- Width: 3.7cm
- Length: Total at 265cm, maximum usable length at 245cm
- Numbered loops: 22 loops
- Distance between loops: 10cm

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
- Width: 21cm
- Length (rear to front bottom edge): 77cm
- Length (rear to front top edge): 23cm
- Maximum circumference: 160cm
- Minimum circumference: 40cm

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
- Width: 26cm
- Length (rear to front bottom edge): 81cm
- Length (rear to front top edge): 25cm
- Maximum circumference: 160cm
- Minimum circumference: 40cm


Weight Vest Assembly Instructions - Download now (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

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The perfect combo to take your bodyweight training to the next level.

Everything is easier when you take off the weight vest. Except it didn't get easier, but you get stronger.

More gravity, more gain. Grav Weight Vest is the best gear to make all your training harder.

Ultimate strength powerhouse you can bring anywhere.

No more wasting time adjusting the straps using an eyeball. Just hook the heavy-duty carabiners into the numbered loops and you get the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings.

Classic straps to boost your wrist strength

Instant strength boost from the classic wrist straps. Stabilize the weakest point of your arms -- the wrists, and perform better at the training you love.

Up your fitness game with premium calisthenics equipment

We have a thumb of rule in Gravgear: We don't release stuff we don't use ourselves. Our equipment must be made of top quality material. They must be crafted with sytle in mind. They must enable us to work out anywhere with best comfort. From bodyweight exercises to running, from martial arts to sports. Our weighted vest is compatible to make all trainings harder with optimum fit.

Weighted Vest Upgrade Your Gains

The lesser the gravity has an effect on you, the stronger you are. It is simple as that.

So training with a weighted vest is reverse-engineering the process. You add extra weight during a training session for a period. After that, you will immediately notice two things: Your muscles are exhausted to a deeper extend, and you feel lighter the first moment without the weight.

Weighted training not only makes your body adapts to the extra weight by working harder. It also squeezes the most juice from your muscle to overcome the extra resistance. Bigger strength gain is the only way out here.

Break Fitness Plateaus

Strength progression is everything when it comes to bodyweight training. Sometimes it lacks a good progression exercise in the middle of two movements.

For example, people suggest you have to at least able to do 15 pull-ups in a row before attempting muscle-up. But the strength from the 15 pull-ups might not be enough and you can hardly move the number up anymore. This is when you need to add some weight to the routine.

Throw in a weight vest and continue the pull-up. Your number will drop at the start, keep at it until you can do 15 weighted pull-up (which is a great feat!). You are very likely to score your first muscle-up by the time.

Shorter Workout Time (More Efficient!)

For a person who has never tried a weighted vest before, just wearing one and sitting still is already tiring after five minutes. Heart pumping faster, breath more rapid, shoulder and core start to sore. This is the sign the body is triggered to accommodate the higher intensity you’ve put on.

Quality is everything in fitness. And intensity is the key to a quality workout. A weight vest is born for leveling up (any) workout intensity and saves you time. You can burn the same amount of calories while slashing half your workout time.

Adjustable Weight

There is nothing wrong with a fixed weight vest, it’s just that you cannot adjust the intensity to your liking to suit your capability. Say you want to practice some weighted pull-ups, what you can do if you can’t manage the full weight just yet?

With adjustable weight vest: remove some weight from the vest and continue building fundamental strength for harder progression.

Become Part of Your Body

We want the extra resistance to moving along with our movement. It is supposed to become part of our body. It is supposed to attach firmly with a snug fit.

It should not wear you down before your workout does. It should also feel lighter when putting on the torso because of the fair distribution of weight. Heavy padding shoulder straps are the key here. So you can be vested for an extended period without the straps cut in the shoulders.

Versatility to All Workout

It is better to know what you are going to use the weight vest for, before investing in one. Why not get one vest and rule them all?

Grav weight vest is compact and short profile. It covers the upper portion of the torso, the abdominal section remains unrestrained. The minimal design also helps a great deal in heat dissipation.

It goes well with aerobic exercises like running and martial art, or high-intensity strength training like calisthenics and CrossFit.

Build to last a lifetime

Good training equipment should be your training companion for life. Premium material and lifetime support make sure our weight vest stands the best chance to last its longest lifespan.

That’s why we use Cordura fabric to enclose the thick TPE foam with a professional lining. You can train vigorously with the vest and it will still look almost the same even after years of usage (we’ve got a 2 years old vest that still going strong).