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Parallettes Full Set


Parallettes Full Set

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15% off when you get the bundle. Come with one pair of Grav Parallettes Prime, Range, and Edge.


- Improve your performance with exercises like push-ups, handstands, and more.
- Perfect grip by birch wood handle with a smooth finish. No more chalking.
- Built to last for ages thanks to the solid steel base.
- Invisible anti-slip patch at the bottom for a steady stance.
- Healthier wrist joints and lesser pain.
- Withstand up to 300kg per pair.
- Easy to carry. Workout anywhere anytime.


Grav Parallettes Prime
- Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 50cm x 34cm x 30cm / 19.7" x 13.3" x 11.8"
- Wooden handle usable length: 37cm / 14.5"
- Wooden handle diameter: 4cm / 1.5"
- Total weight of a pair: 6kg / 13.2lbs

Grav Parallettes Edge
- Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 23.5cm x 16.5cm x 12cm / 9.3" x 6.5" x 4.7"
- Wooden handle usable length: 15cm / 5.9"
- Wooden handle diameter: 4cm / 1.5"
- Total weight of a pair: 2.7kg / 5.9lbs


Assembly Instructions - Download now (PDF)

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Elevate your calisthenics game.

Kiss wrist pain goodbye

Remember that scene in every horror movie where the floor creaks, and something bad is about to happen? Yeah, that's your wrists screaming every time they press against the floor. Enter our parallettes—the superhero capes for your wrists. With ergonomic design, you can kiss wrist pain goodbye faster than a villain running from the scene.

The most stable parallettes ever

Think of the Range as your stability sensei. Its longest handles make for the largest support base. It's like doing a handstand on a runway—so much room for activities and zero wobble.

Only three elephants could break them

Think of something super strong. Like, strong enough to handle three big elephants standing on it. That's how tough these parallettes are. They can take a lot of weight - and we're talking 16,464N, which is roughly equivalent to 3700 pounds or about 1678 kilograms.So, when you're working out hard, don't worry. They can handle it.

  • Birch wood bar

    Thick and well-sanded wooden handle for the best grip. Beats metal bar any day any time.

  • Great versatility

    Designed to provide a wide array of exercises, from handstands and push-ups to hip raises and planks.

  • Never slides

    The anti-slip patches on the bottom of our parallettes ensure that they stay in place during any activity. The rubber feet help protect floors while also providing extra grip when performing challenging moves.

  • No more wrist pain

    Designed to keep your wrists in their natural position, reducing wrist pain and discomfort during yoga or other fitness activities. The ergonomic design allows for a greater range of motion without straining the wrists, helping to alleviate pain and stiffness associated with overuse or improper technique.

What workouts are these good for?

Here are our top picks, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Elevates your body off the ground, letting you go deeper in each push-up and engage more muscles.


  • Mobility issues? It elevates your L-sits, easing strain while boosting core strength.


  • The extended base offers unbeatable stability, making your handstand solid and secure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Impressive Performance and Sturdy Build

Parallettes have exceeded my expectations. They offer a combination of durability, versatility, and portability that makes them an excellent addition to any home gym setup.

Aesthetically sturdy

Solid base with the right height to start off handstanding on parallettes. Versatile enough for my clients to train their push-ups and L-sits too.


Great grip that stays firm on the ground
Versatile with my workout

Gravgear Paralletes Edge

I can see why it's sold out! The grip is simply perfect for all athletes, definitely needed this to level up my planche game! 🙌

Best bang for the buck!

Definitely worth the wait and value for money. The set gives you the best bang (or workout) for the buck.

It’s small and tiny footprint makes it the perfect go-to equipment to have if you live in a “shoebox” apartment.

Hopefully, GravGear can consider making a bigger version for bodyweight dips or even a standalone unit for pull-ups. 🤓💪🏻

Compare the parallettes



Size Tallest Longest Smallest
Weight Normal Normal Light
Handle Length Medium Longest Shortest
Best For Range of motion Stability Carry around

Why choose when you can have them all?

Can't decide? No worries. Grab our ultimate bundle with all three MVPs -- Prime, Range, and Edge. You'll save cash and unlock endless workout combos.

  Elevate your hand position from the floor

They also introduce variation to calisthenics exercises. Variation is good for muscle growth. The elevated hand position means you can do push-ups with lower depth than on the floor. Deeper stimulation to the chest and shoulder and bigger gain.

  Giving you a neutral wrist position

Why does this matter? In calisthenics, you spend all your time on the floor (besides on the bars and rings) doing all kinds of pushing exercises like push-ups and handstands. Parallettes put your wrist in a straight posture so you don’t have to press them hard on the floor. This will greatly reduce the risk of injury especially wrist is not your main training target.

  Make certain workouts easier

L-sit is a great example. Doing l-sit on the floor is a lot harder than on a pair of parallettes, because that movement requires strong abs and hip flexors. The elevated body position allows you to hold a not-so-strict L-sit as your legs are dropping.

  Best grip and durability

Nothing beats the wooden handle for a perfect grip. It absorbs slight moisture from your palm’s sweat and maintains the grip throughout the whole workout. There is no need for chalking and taping. The metal body provides superb stability that is going to last decades. Now you don’t have to worry about safety while practicing the skills you always wanted.